Raidy Boer Provides Assistance to Italian Philharmonic Orchestra to Perform A New Year Concert in China


      At the end of 2012, a melodious movement was performed in China. Having completed the performance in over 50 countries, Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, an international symphony orchestra, set foot for the first time in China, a place that they have long been yearning for. On December 30, they came to Chengdu, a leisure city with a long history and profound art background. In the very evening, the Jinse Opera House was crowded with audients. People in Chengdu had been waiting for the orchestra which was known as the "Music Cyclone in the Mediterranean Region", and its angelic voices won the standing ovation of all the audients. Moreover, during the performance in Chengdu, Italian Philharmonic Orchestra received substantial support, including the sponsoring in the whole course, from Raidy Boer which was heavily influenced by the Italian culture. In addition, Liu Changming, President of Raidy Boer Enterprise, and the high-ranking management were present in the performance site to enjoy this music banquet.

       The performance kicked off at the gesture of Ovidio Balan, one of the greatest conductors in Europe at present. Then the whole Opera House was swiftly immerged in the world-class elegant music. The mixing of various instruments presented a unique Mediterranean style, just like we were indulged in a beautiful natural scene with blue sky and bright sunshine. A kind of sky-blue romantic feeling swept through us, and we could not help but hold our breath to enjoy.


      Later, three world-class tenors, Roberto Costi, last disciple of Luciano Pavarotti who was a world-famous tenor, Stasi Domingo, love song prince of Italy and Pablo Dupuy Juan, folk song prince of Italy, sang together many folk songs of China and Italy that were familiar to all, mobilizing the spectators to push the atmosphere to the grand climax. In return, the enthusiasm of the audiences moved the singers, so the whole orchestra was in the optimum condition throughout the evening, winning one wave of applauses after another which resounded throughout the whole Opera House.



      After the ending of the performance, the audiences still remained enthusiastic, and many of them took pictures on the scene for future recalling of such an unforgettable night. After enjoying the performance, Liu Changming, President of Raidy Boer Enterprise, failed to hide his joy, expressing that it was a great honor of Raidy Boer to sponsor such a world first-class orchestra to perform in Chengdu: "Raidy Boer has always been developing itself by following exploration of Italian arts and culture. In the years of being engaged in the fashion industry, we have deeply realized that art is of much significance and value to fashion, so we remain our concern over the Italian culture in the process of bettering the design and manufacturing standards. Only if we have any chance, we would keep intense exchanges with the culture and art of Italy so as to contribute to building a bridge connecting the art of China and that of Italy. Here I would also like to take advantage of this cooperation to show my gratitude and New Year greetings to all the people who have given continuous support to Raidy Boer."



      Since its establishment, Raidy Boer Enterprise has been tied up with Italy. Its three brands, Raidy Boer, GHILARO and ferrante (an agency Italian brand), are closely associated with Italy in various respects of brand concept, product design, etc., and in the meanwhile, the international strategies of Raidy Boer is also originated in Italy. It is known that since 2006, Raidy Boer has participated in the PITTI UOMO Florence Menswear Show, the most professional and influential menswear brand show in the world, twice each year to compete with many world class brands in this show. Raidy Boer also utilizes this platform to go global, and absorbs the spirit of Italy. In addition to sponsoring the performance of Italian Philharmonic Orchestra in Chengdu, Raidy Boer cooperated with the Palermo City Pavilion of Italy in the Shanghai Biennale in this October, demonstrating the superior art and culture to the Chinese. It also designs the art works into products, trying to integrate the culture and art of Italy into every aspect of Raidy Boer's three brands. In the future, Raidy Boer will go on focusing on Italian culture and art so as to bring the most Italianate aspects to Chinese consumers.

About Italian Philharmonic Orchestra
      Founded in 1970, Italian Philharmonic Orchestra is a national first-class orchestra in Italy and the most dazzling music pearl in the Apennine peninsula. It attracts high concern of European Music Circles since its foundation. After over forty years of development, the Orchestra has reached the peak in the Classic Music Circle in Europe, or even the world, and it is highly popular among the music fans from all parts of the world, so it is reputed as the "Music Cyclone in the Mediterranean Region".
      Musicians of Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, who are very active in providing performance all year round, have all become masters in the Italian music circle. Many of them have held recitals. They all have favorable treatment, their own music hall and recording studio, so they can be dedicated to art with greater concentration. Numerous famous artists are also willing to cooperate with Italian Philharmonic Orchestra. For example, the late Luciano Pavarotti's cooperation with the Orchestra for several times becomes their sweet memories. The Orchestra gain considerable fame from their cooperation with the artists including Piaggio Ruggeri, Sergio Testa, Zuccari Marc, Curaca Stephan, Krast Miroslav, Catherine Bart, Molian Forrest, Karen Kane, Norman Jessye, Izake Palmer, Christopher Prum, Roster ropovich, Artur Rubinstein and Vengerov The Orchestra has held concerts in almost all the famous musical halls and theaters in Italy. About over 60 concerts may be held each year in the artist season in Italy alone.
      Over the past forty years, the Orchestra has performed the chapters of many masters, including the chapters of Bach and Dvorak, the opusculum of Handel and the masterpieces of Beethoven, and even modern movie music. Doto Di Giuseppe, Senior Conductor of the Orchestra, maintains that a first-class orchestra should be versatile. Therefore, the Orchestra has recorded large numbers of CDs and has been invited to over fifty countries to give concerts. Now it sets foot on China for the first time under the command of Anthony, President General of Music Association of Italy.

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