Raidy Boer “Career Plan” launched, favored by trainees of Fashion industry

The coldness in February cannot dampen the enthusiasm of trainees The 1st Session of Training Course for Raidy Boer "Career Plan" was recently launched by Chengdu Textile College and Raidy Boer Fashion Institute. Raidy Boer Enterprise laid out a blueprint of fashion industry for the trainees based on its practical experiences and led the potential rising stars in fashion industry to step on the road of Raidy Boer career ladder while presenting the development journey of the brand.

The establishment of strategic partnership with Chengdu Textile College announced this June by Raidy Boer Enterprise attracted much attention from students of Chengdu Textile College and the public. The "Career Plan" formulated for training clothing professionals is of strategic significance. Raidy Boer Enterprise who has been committed to training qualified professionals in fashion industry builds fashion professionals and executive officers by offering special training in fashion expertise..Those two kinds of professionals are required by fashion enterprises. In this way, Raidy Boer can surely select right persons for the future of the enterprise.


A general view of the the 1st Session of the training course for Raidy Boer "Career Plan"


The 1st Session of the Training Course for Raidy Boer "Career Plan" is the first step for Raidy Boer Enterprise to build best employees. Nearly fifty selected trainees attended the training course. The training course was hosted by top trainers from HR department of Raidy Boer Fashion Garment Co. LTD. and three brand supervisors who systematically introduced important events since its establishment, and thoroughly analyze each clothing brand from the purchasing, design to terminal marketing and marketing promotion of raw materials based on the practices of corporate growth. Different from the theoretic knowledge learnt from schools, the cases from both success and failure practices analyzed by Raidy Boer trainers at the class are derived from the experience of corporate practices. The trainees all said that the cases they learnt in class are abstract to them, what they learnt from Raidy Boer Fashion Institute is so real and helpful because it is derived from the experiences of the trainers.


The Chairman of Raidy Boer Enterprise, Mr. Liu Changming is delivering a speech to visiting trainees


Besides classroom lecturing, Raidy Boer Fashion Institute also organized a study tour for trainees to the headquarters of Raidy Boer Enterprises. The Chairman of Raidy Boer Enterprise, Liu Changming, the Vice President of Raidy Boer Enterprise and the Dean of Raidy Boer Fashion Institute, Lu Shan personally received the trainees who more intuitively feel the real working environment of a clothing company by visiting it outside the training to lay a solid basis for them to the society in future. Like the wishes for trainees made by the Dean of Raidy Boer Fashion Institute, Lu Shan, it is hopeful that rising stars in the fashion industry learn genuinely useful and solid expertise on campus to make contributions to the future of fashion industry. The 1st session of the training Course for Raidy Boer "Career Plan" is just a beginning. Raidy Boer will select the employees who are really suitable for the enterprise through all kinds of training, assessing and screening processes.

Trainees of the 1st Session of theTraining Course for Raidy Boer "Career Plan" are visiting the headquarters of Raidy Boer Enterprise

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